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Messrs Manjit Singh Sachdev, Mohammad Radzi & Partners was founded in the year 1980. Our lawyers have the skill to shine under strenuous, mentally challenging environments, and who have, from the start of their legal careers, assumed responsibility cursorily and performed well on their feet. They have the grit to serve our clients in challenging cases and advise on unpopular positions with ingenuousness.

The best settlements are reached when the opposing party knows that your lawyers have a consistent record of victories and are ready and waiting, if necessary, to go to trial. Our service to our clients is of utmost importance, winning is our priority.

The pre-nominal expansion we have experienced is the turn-out of our willingness to select and add the extrinsic growth of the computer age which immediately aided us in accommodating the needs of our clients and our sanctification to providing our clients with prompt, pragmatic, progressive and effective solutions to meet their requirements. In combination with the modernisation of the nation, The Firm has gradually evolved into a sizeable practice, comprising more than 50 lawyers with its head office in Kuala Lumpur and branches in Subang Jaya, Klang and Johor Bahru.

We provide legal service to many different clients ranging from national and multinational corporations, lending and financial institutions, developers, entrepreneurs, statutory bodies, management consultants as well as the ordinary man on the street.

Providing Value

We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide value to our clients.

Innovative approach to solving problems

Thinking outside the box to meet the challenges our clients face is our norm.

Timely and accurate reporting

We pride ourselves on our documentation process.

Multilingual staff

We find that our diversity is a strength that we can rely on when facing issues.

Direct access to attorneys via telephone and email

Our attorneys are easily accessible; we are just a phone call away.

Use of advanced technology in our office and the courtroom

We’ve learned to adapt with the times and use the latest tech to aid us.

Strict adherence to your billing guidelines

We will ensure the billing process is fair and agreeable to both parties.

Our People is Our Strength

We wouldn’t be able to do all we do if it weren’t for our amazing team of attorneys. Each of them play a vital role in furthering our mission to serve our clients as professionally and diligently as possible. Our attorneys are spread out over several branches and each are skilled experts in multiple and numerous aspects of the law. You’ll be in good hands with any of the team.

Dato Dr. Manjit Singh Sachdev, JP


Dato Manpal Singh Sachdev


Alvin Lee Kong Loong


Zafuan Yazi Yahaya


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